What to Expect

Novelly Graphic is a one man endeavor, and that one man has a limited budget. The following schedule represents an attempt to balance the need for regular, predictable content against the limitations on buying access to new stories from which that content will be drawn. Or, you know: the fewer comics, games, and movies I can afford, the fewer comics, games, and movies I can discuss.

New every Monday: ADAMancy, a weekly opinion column touching on some aspect of the game or comic industry/community. No guarantees that my opinion is actually unyielding, but rest assured it will still be derived (-mancy) from a guy named Adam.

New every 13th: Monthly Pull*, a monthly overview of all the comics, graphic novels, or related content I’ve read in the past month. Here I’ll highlight anything particularly outstanding or enjoyable, make (or take) recommendations, and hopefully trigger some discussions with fellow readers.

New every 26th: Checkpoint Reached, a monthly reflection on the video games I have been playing, including memorable moments, joys, and frustrations. Games are intriguing particularly because of the agency they give players, so where possible I’ll discuss choices I made (or didn’t) and seek to hear how your experiences match (or differ from) mine.

While planning this blog, I’ve striven to be sure of two things. First, that I will be able to produce new content on a consistent basis. Second, that this new content will be worthy of your time and mine. New features will be added to Novelly Graphic when these conditions can be met.

*I intend to make this into a Weekly Pull starting in October. Stay tuned for more details!


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