Weekly Pull: July 10th Edition

This week I trimmed the fat off my list (there’s still a lot to be trimmed, sadly) to make way for the Trinity War which began in Justice League #22, delved deeper into Astro City’s comeback in Astro City #2, fell even more in love with Bendis’ Uncanny X-Men with #8, and remembered why I’ve been loving Tom Taylor’s Injustice with #26. Continue reading “Weekly Pull: July 10th Edition”


Weekly Pull: July 3rd Edition

This week was spent nursing my wallet from last week. Or, it would have been, had there not been a Comixology sale on all of Avengers Academy, which I may or may not have taken advantage of and will surely be regretting enjoying for the next couple weeks. Later this week I’ll talk about some trades and other stuff I read (including what occupied me recently on the Oregon trip) but for now, it’s just two-thirds of the Trinity of Sin: Pandora and The Phantom Stranger. Continue reading “Weekly Pull: July 3rd Edition”

Weekly Pull: June 19th Edition

Hey folks! I’ll be heading off to Oregon for a little less than a week and plan to read a lot of trades while in transit and during downtime. So expect a lot of silence over the next week, and (hopefully) a bit of action the week after that. This week, Tynion kept me on the line with RHatO, Supergirl continued to please, part three of The Enemy Within was the best one yet, my favorite duo made a big entrance in the Ultimate universe, and the fifth issue of Brian Wood’s fantastic miniseries Mara FINALLY came out. Continue reading “Weekly Pull: June 19th Edition”

Weekly Pull: June 12th Edition

Reboot time! Taking a page from the Big Two playbook, I’m shaking up the format of Weekly Pull. In order to facilitate a focal shift in my reading (basically, I will be reading more back-issues now, in addition to the new comics I follow), I want to spend a bit less time “reviewing” new issues. So for now at least, the new Weekly Pull will feature one or two full-sized reviews and then a brief highlight section for the rest. I haven’t gotten any feedback from folks so I still don’t know whether this will actually affect anyone. Solution: if you have a preference in how I handle this segment, let me know! Otherwise, consider the new format permanent. Until it’s retconned, of course. Continue reading “Weekly Pull: June 12th Edition”