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My local comic shop, Laughing Ogre Comics, has a policy with their pull lists. You must have at least five books a month to have a pull. Ten a month? Instant discount. Sounded like a good deal. Since August, then, I’ve made a point of meeting that quota. This list, then, is what I have coming my way each month (or every couple weeks, it seems).
Last updated October 19th, 2013.

Morning Glories

Nick Spenser (W) Joe Eisma (A)

After binging my way through several trade collections, I finally caught up with Spenser & Eisma’s brilliant and convoluted tale of gifted students trapped in a malevolent private school where nothing is as it appears. Now I join the growing ranks of those whose pain in waiting week after week for a new issue to drop is outweighed only by the shock and confusion those issues bring. Morning Glories isn’t the sort of book I try to explain to people. I just point out that the first issue is only a dollar, and that if I had to drop all the comics I’m reading except for one, this would be the one.


Brian Wood (W) Olivier Coipel (A)

I was first introduced to Wood’s writing through his (recently concluded) miniseries Mara, which had me excited to see what he’d bring to the rather crowded table of X-Men comics when his ever-delayed book finally launched. It’s safe to say the team has met the rather lofty expectations I and others had for them, and despite being a latecomer to the Marvel NOW game, this title has become my favorite X-title.

All-New X-Men

Brian Michael Bendis (W) Stuart Immonen (A)

ANXM is a book which has grown on me even as it has diminished for others. While initially put off by the gimmicky nature of a book called “all-new” largely focusing on the original (that is, as old as you can get) X-Men, I’ve been sold on it through consistently enjoyable writing and some of the best art Marvel’s putting out. I’ve enjoyed Battle of the Atom, the 50th anniversary event, well enough, and looking ahead it’s nice to see my favorite character, Laura Kinney, will be joining the title (even if I’m far from thrilled to see her making out with, well, anyone).

Uncanny X-Men

Brian Michael Bendis (W) Chris Bachalo (and others) (A)

I’ve maintained for quite some time that I preferred UXM over Bendis’ other book, but as time goes on I begin to edge towards the fence. It remains to be seen how much the new characters will be permitted to shine. Meanwhile, as I find myself on the Cyclops side of the fence in the fallout of AvX, I’ve really enjoyed watching Scott, Emma, Illyana, and Magneto wrestling with who they are and what they’ve done, even as they attempt to stay true to some kind of heroic creed.

Astro City

Kurt Busiek (W) Brent Anderson & Alex Sinclair (A) Alex Ross (C)

I don’t really know how to describe Astro City to anyone except “distilled superheroics.” This book looks and feels like whatever quintessential superhero comics should look and feel like. Every issue is a wild ride, and you really never know what kind of comic you’re picking up, from sky-high melee to human interest piece to noir to steampunk; and that’s just five issues in. Busiek and co. have crafted a very personal and lively universe over the years, and I’m glad that Vertigo took the time to bring it back, and into my life.


Ed Brubaker (W) Sean Phillips (A)

I’ve been a fan of the noir genre for years, and when it comes to noir comics Brubaker and Phillips are considered the kingpins. Fatale has as much fun playing up the tropes of the genre as flipping them on their heads, infusing the tried and true tale of men’s lives being destroyed by a beautiful woman with elements of the supernatural and bizarre. If the phrase “eldritch noir” strikes your fancy, give Fatale a go.


Ed Brubaker (W) Steve Epting (A)

Velvet is a book which might not have caught my attention, except for the fact that it is written by Brubaker, whose Fatale and Catwoman runs have solidifed him as one of my favorite writers in the industry. The first issue has seen several delays, but this snippet will be updated to reflect what I think of the series once I’ve read a few issues (unless I somehow hate it, in which case this snippet will go M.I.A.).

Pretty Deadly

Kelly Sue DeConnick (W) Emma Rios (A)

Emma Rios’ art is haunting, beautiful, and creepy all at the same time, generating a distinct look for a title I’ve been looking forward to ever since I heard it was going to exist. This will be the first DeConnick book I’ve ever attempted to keep up with, and I’m hoping to love it. While on the topic of DeConnick, I also intend to read the recently-announced Captain Marvel series when it launches early next year.


Gail Simone (W) Fernando Pasarin & Jonathan Glapion (A) Alex Garner (C)

Batgirl and I have had a love/hate relationship over the past several months, with the Fawkes replacement stage not going well for me and a seriously bad taste in my mouth for the romance which Gail Simone has injected into Barbara’s life. It was Alex Garner’s beautiful covers staring at me in my LCS that convinced me I needed to give the book another try, and although DC’s myriad crossovers and gimmicks have been stretching it out over a ridiculous number of months the Wanted story has been pretty good thus far. This is a title which remains in a sort of limbo, particularly as we move into next year and I consider picking up one or two 75th anniversary Batman books, but for now it’s back on the pull.

The Wake

Scott Snyder (W) Sean Murphy (A)

I’ve never read anything quite like Snyder & Murphy’s The Wake. It’s part sci-fi, part adventure, part horror, part ancient history, part mythology. It’s a lot of things. Right now, one of those things is “mysteriously suspended,” because the miniseries has vanished from the solicits after #5, which has itself already been pushed back late into November. While I have no idea where the other half (it’s slated for ten issues) has gone, I’ve very much enjoyed the first one thus far, and between an engaging story and gorgeous artwork, it’s one I’ll easily recommend.


Bill Willingham (W) Mark Buckingham (A)

Fables is a book that makes me wish I’d gotten into comics a decade ago, not least of which because it’s been going on for over a decade and catching up with it is a gargantuan (and expensive) task. One to which, honestly, I’m just not equal. It holds a spot on my pull list for now so as to meet the minimum quota, but it is being removed at the end of its current “Camelot” arc to make way for Chris Yost’s New Warriors early next year. Make no mistake, though: I thoroughly enjoy the world Willingham and Buckingham have created, and intend to slowly make my way through the series in trades (the first one was fantastic). Meantime, Telltale Games just released the first episode of their game based on the series, a prequel called The Wolf Among Us, and that, too, is fantastic.


Upcoming Additions/Changes:

12. Amazing X-Men [monthly; begins November; replacing Mind the Gap]

13. Dead Boy Detectives [monthly; begins December; replacing Scarlet Spider]

14. Sandman: Overture [miniseries; 6 issues; begins October; latest solicit #3 in February]

15. Forever Evil: Arkham War [miniseries; 6 issues; proceeded in March by Captain Marvel]

16. Marvel Knights X-Men [miniseries; 5 issues, begins November]

17. Inhumanity: The Awakening (2 issues; December & January]

18. Amazing Spider-Man #700.1 – 700.5 [5 issues; December]


2014 Radar:

Batman: Eternal [weekly]

Gothtopia [crossover; 5 issues]

All-New X-Factor


Agents Undercover

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