Novelly Graphic is what happens when a mid-twenties media fan and scholar finds himself between schools and figures he may as well be working on something related to his passion. Or, at least, that’s how I’m defending it. After years of being a gamer and, recently, a comic book reader, I’m hoping that I can say something about my nerdy passions that others will find insightful, entertaining, or otherwise worthwhile. If so, welcome, and enjoy. If not…consider this a monument to my vanity.

Two forces drive this site in opposite directions: the need to keep myself consistently working on new material, and a limited budget from which to draw that material. This page will be updated once I’ve settled on some sort of schedule.

For now, that’s all I’ll bother with here. If you came looking to know more about me, by all means reach out and ask. Otherwise, I’ll assume we’re all here for the comics.