“Novelly Graphic,” Eh?

Today marks the official relaunch of Novelly Graphic, and I wanted to mark the occasion by drawing your attention to a couple new pages on the site designed to clarify what precisely you’ve signed up for here. You have signed up, right? No? You can do that by clicking the menu/widget box in the upper righthand corner.

Right, so, now for what you’ve signed up for. Essentially, Novelly Graphic is an outlet for my thoughts on visual storytelling, predominately of the comic book and video game variety. Of course ideally, each post will transcend my voice: much as I love to share my opinions, I think this will all be vastly more worthwhile if posts become jumping-off points for conversation.

Check out my Statement of Intent if you’d like to know a bit more about what led me to (re)create Novelly Graphic and what I hope to accomplish here generally. If you’re more into the nitty-gritty, I’ve also broken down What to Expect on a monthly basis. Presently I’m committed to a guaranteed six posts per month (first post coming Monday!).

For what it’s worth, this is at minimum an exercise to keep me thoughtful and productive while outside the Ivory Tower. I’m committing to write on a consistent schedule simply because I need to be writing, irrespective of your silence or participation. My hope is that I can engage you (or that you will give me feedback to aid me in doing so). Should I succeed, you’ll become this blog’s raison d’être long after I’m gainfully employed.

Welcome to Novelly Graphic, readers. Hope you survive the experience!


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