Prelude to NG #3 (of 3): Taste

Prior to officially “launching” Novelly Graphic (you know, talking about new comics and the industry) I wanted to discuss a few loose ends from my earlier comic-based writing endeavors to transition into a new era. This is Part One.

In the spirit of charity I’m exhorting my fellow fans to pursue, I want to make it clear that this is not going to be another soapbox blog, another vent steaming with livid tirades. I want this place to be a celebration of what I enjoy, with full recognition that there’s not always accounting for taste and that “I don’t like this” never means “this is bad.” To be sure, some things ARE bad, and it is possible that I will take some time to discuss bad things. But poor plotting and coloring are not the sort of bad I feel is worth my ire. Misogyny and racism and phobias? Those are worth talking about, though probably I (white, straight, cis, Christian, male) am not going to be the best spokesperson to tackle them.

I’m hoping that eventually this blog can feature guest articles, reviews, or essays, to fill in the many things I don’t read, or know, or care about. Talking about books I don’t have the time or money to be reading, or getting a second opinion on ones I do, seems like it would be a valuable addition to this site. It’ll be a while before I’m prepared to get that ball rolling, but by all means let me know if you think it’s something you’d be interested in being a part of.

I intend to review comics here. This blog will not, however, feature ratings. To begin with, a blog written or curated by a single person with a limited budget cannot reasonably be expected to include books I anticipated disliking, which means there’s already going to be a bias towards things I enjoy (read: high ratings). Moreover there’s the matter of taste. If I love a book because of some aspect (say, art) that you hate, what value is there in giving it a 10/10? Seems more worth both our time for me to just tell you what I liked or didn’t, give a strong recommendation where something is particularly enjoyable to me, and let you draw your own conclusions. I’d rather discussions on the blog deal with what happens in an issue than with how I scored those happenings.

There are plenty of excellent (or at least dependable) places for comic reviews. I frequent Comic Vine, Comic Book Resources, and IGN when I’m curious to see how something I was on the fence about turned out. But I sometimes vehemently disagree with the verdicts, and I imagine that were I to assign ratings to things I like that some of you would similarly disagree. And so, as the reviewing begins here, be prepared for more words and fewer numbers. Hopefully you’ll see fit to add some words of your own!


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