Blame the Lazarus Pits

If I’ve learned anything about American mainstream comics over the last two and a half years I’ve spent reading them, it’s that death is pretty much never permanent. Fitting, then, that I’m resurrecting this blog; it was almost inevitable that I’d come back, as long as my name wasn’t secretly Uncle Ben.

I’m keeping all the old posts, the old false starts and rating systems and attempts at direction, mostly because WordPress tells me I still get a handful of hits here each week despite my silence and I’d hate to take my old words away if they’re still potentially useful to someone. But, reader beware, everything beyond this point in history reflects a different, younger me. I can’t say for sure that I had a vision when I first snagged this blog title, but if I did it has most certainly changed thanks to my time in graduate school.

Over the next week or so, paddling desperately on the waves of San Diego Comic Con, I will give this site a relaunch proper, so you know what to expect, what expect. For now, just know that I’m back, and I’m ready to write.


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