Update: July 2nd

This shall be brief, and hopefully informative.

You’ll notice (if you’re the sort to pay attention to me) that last week’s Weekly Pull never materialized. In its stead, a simple poll, seeking to justify that column.

It has been a week. I received four responses; a pittance when compared to the number of hits NG generates, but pretty close to the number of people I imagined actually read. And the gist of those responses tells me that while keeping up with Weekly Pull is worthwhile, I need to make it shorter. Folks are skimming, and without any tangible feedback I can’t know whether that’s because I write too much or because they (like me) only tend to read reviews for things they are either also reading or have some general interest in.

So this week I will post a double-feature, but I am going to ditch the spotlight. Hopefully a few sentences apiece will maintain the attention of the one person who claims to be actually reading while perhaps making more manageable each week’s content for the couple whose eyes have been glazing over.

And as always, if you’re reading this and have an actual opinion of any kind whatsoever, I’m all ears. Seriously. Radio silence thus far.

Oh, and I’ll say this again in the new WP, but if for some reason you have never read Watchmen, go do so immediately. I know I have a tendency for ringing and exaggerated endorsements but I am completely serious when I say it is the best comic story I have ever encountered. And that’s coming from a guy who really didn’t much care for the film.