Spreading the Disease

Greetings, friends, strangers, and stalkers! It’s been a while since I posted anything here and I wanted to give you an update. My primary excuse is that I’ve been fighting the Rhino…virus, not Paul Giamatti (though have you seen the new pictures?) for the better part of a week and that has to some degree sapped my energy (read: I’ve spent a great deal of my time unconscious).

I do indeed plan to get some stuff up here, though I’m still not sure what I’ll actually be writing full blogs about and what will just be mentioned in passing (and don’t get me started about how unfortunately heavy tomorrow’s pull is going to be). While sick I read the first half of the first volume of Brubaker & Cooke’s Catwoman (Trail of the Catwoman), the first arc of, again, Brubaker’s Fatale, and the first volume of the lovely and twisted Locke & Key (Welcome to Lovecraft). My copy of Marvel Fairy Tales also came in, lest you think I’m just obsessed with crime and brutality.

Anyhow, here in paragraph three I’ll make my point: I’d like to spread this blog a bit. It’s gotten more activity than I expected (though not much in the way of comments/discussion — so here’s a reminder that those are always welcome), but I wouldn’t mind if it got more; and I would love if the people who enjoyed anything here made a point of ensuring that they got updates when I update. There are currently a few ways you can do that:

  • RSS Feed. I don’t know how many of you out there use it, but I had someone request it and now there’s a link at the bottom right of the homepage to that feed.
  • Email subscriptions. These are my favorite way of following other folks’ blogs (because I rarely remember to check my WordPress reader), and the button for doing this is also on the bottom right of the homepage, waiting to be pressed.
  • Follow the Novelly Graphic Tumblr account! It’s not beautiful, but it does the trick, and you’ll have new posts show up on your dash.
  • Follow me on Twitter! All my posts here automatically post there, although as it’s my personal account there’s a great deal of non-comic-related stuff there as well (perhaps predominately non-comic).

So that’s about it. I’d love it if you could also pass this along to other folks who may be interested in some comic insight. And if you have any feedback — things you’ve enjoyed reading, things you thought were a waste of time, suggestions, etc. — please let me know!